Island Bench


Waterfall End Island Bench

Because of the nature of our product and our construction techniques each and every benchtop is unique.

Choosing Australian Recycled Timber is our way of supporting a sustainable timber industry and in turn helping our environment.

A truly bespoke piece to add beauty to your home. Be it in a Kitchen, Bathroom, Office or Bar, modern or classic settings, the natural beauty of timber will add a warmth unmatched by any other product.

Feature Grade Recycled Messmate Benchtops

Our Benchtops are finished using an all natural product, it is a nut based oil that allows you to “Feel” the timber unlike the traditional mirror tone or polyurethane products. The oil actually penetrates the timber nourishing the tops allowing the natural beauty of the grain to show through. The oil is food grade and we also have a wet area oil for bathrooms.

We do get Unique species’ from time to time and are happy source material if you have a particular timber in mind.

As standard our benchtops are a minimum of 42mm thick and we use full lengths (no Joins as is common for long benches).

Our Quotations are all inclusive Joins, Cutouts, Finished.

We have a feature grade top on display at Berloni Appliances in Heidelberg Victoria, or you can come and see us.

At MannaGum we can offer you a complete kitchen design service, including design, plans and installation. Call us today to discuss you requirements.Medium Feature Grade Hardwood Benchtops

We also offer a delivery and installation service.


Please call for a Price on your benchtops today.

Price is very competive supply only raw product starts at only $550.00  per square meter.

To get an exact quotation please contact us or email plans and we will happily provide you with a quotation.


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