Our Timber

Wharf Timbers

Wharf Timbers

This is where we stand out from the crowd. Our timber is sourced from demolition and salvage yards all over Victoria.  The timber is all old growth hardwood meaning it is denser (heavier) and more stable than using new timbers.

All the timber we have in stock has had decades to season naturally with the oldest of our timber 100yrs old.


Wharf Timbers

Wharf Timbers


New to our range are some Beautiful Old Wharf Timbers Call us for our current stocks. Ideal for Architectural Features either indoor or outdoor.

Our stocks vary according to what is available but species like messmate we have all the time. Species include:

  • Messmate
  • Box – Various
  • Stringybark
  • Vic Ash
  • Spotted Gum

At MannaGum we will go the extra mile and source a material if your heart is set on it.

Our timbers are anywhere up to 100 years old, (Some Older),  please have a look in the gallery for some examples of how this most treasured resource can be transformed lovingly into a piece of furniture for your home.

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